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Ryan Roga

JavaScript Web Developer

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A Bit About Me...

In 2017, I started my small business, MossAway. I've always believed the customer journey is the most important focus of any small business. When I designed and built my website, I was keenly interested in creating a frictionless customer experience. I would teach myself SEO, web design, automation, and more. The hard work paid off because in just 2 years our customers nominated us for our first Better Business Bureau Torch Award. We won!

At the start of the global pandemic the future of my business was uncertain. Instead of losing hope, I decided instead to see the silver lining. I invested my free time into delving deeper into web development. Over time, I had hacked together several small pieces of software and automation tools like Zapier, but I wanted a unified system that I had complete control over. Eventually, I decided to take a leap of faith and study web development, full-time.

I'll be graduating in April, 2023, but I've already begun to build my portfolio. In my first semester I developed a window pane quoting tool for MossAway that I had wanted for years but couldn't find anywhere on the web. For my university, VIU, I built a tool we deployed that allows students to easily find potential career paths for a given credential and offers career outlook information for each available path. For school and fun, I've built your standard to-do list, pokemon app, a password generator, and more. No matter what I build, I always challenging myself to go above and beyond what is asked of me.

This fall the sale of MossAway finally closes and I'm really looking forward to this new and exciting chapter in my life. I'm currently looking for part-time web development work with an interest in moving to full-time once school is finished. If you have any questions or would like to chat, please feel free to get in touch.