Ryan Paranich

Full-Stack Web Developer

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

(902) 830-8881 ryan@roga.dev
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Highly proficient web developer with full-stack web development experience, specializing in creating dynamic web applications using SvelteKit, Nuxt 3, and Astro. Demonstrated expertise in full-stack development, e-commerce, and building business-focused web applications along with a proven ability to lead projects from inception to completion. A committed self-starter with excellent problem-solving skills, seeking to leverage expertise in a collaborative front-end, back-end, or full-stack developer role.

Personally incorporated and available for contract work. Also available for regular full-time temporary, or full-time permanent positions. Remote work experienced with excellent recommendations of work ethic and quality while working remotely. Interested in creating long-term value in a high-performance team environment, with a focus on quality and efficiency. Strong supporter of diversity and inclusion. Great communication skills, values collaboration, and is a strong team player.

Technical Competencies

JavaScript   TypeScript   HTML   CSS   SvelteKit   Nuxt   Astro   Vue   React   Svelte   Node.js   TS Node   Express   Git   GitHub   Vercel   Vercel AI   Vercel KV   TailwindCSS   Tailwind UI   Vitest   Jest   Mocha   CI/CD   Zod   Puppeteer   Google Maps API   OpenAI API

Academic Accomplishments

Diploma, Web & Mobile Application Development

Vancouver Island University - Nanaimo, BC - 2023

  • Web Frameworks: Mastered a variety of web frameworks including Svelte, SvelteKit, Vue, and more.
  • Full-Stack Development: Developed robust full-stack web applications catering to specific client needs.
  • Agile Development Methodology: Adopted agile principles for rapid feature deployment and effective project management.
Co-op Project - VIU Career Outlooks

The VIU Career Outlooks web app is a project that I designed and developed during my co-op. The application is a web app that allows prospective students to see the career outlooks for different programs on offer at VIU. The application is built using SvelteKit and is hosted on Vercel. The tech stack for this project, including proof of concept and web scraping technologies, is as follows:

Node/Express Puppeteer Nuxt 3 Tailwind CSS Fuse.js SvelteKit 1 (RC) GC LMI-EO API (Deprecated) Vercel KV
Capstone Project - EzTripr

Developed an intuitive application for a company transporting elderly users to medical appointments, facilitating efficient road map plotting and simultaneous pickups for multiple users. The user-friendly interface provided drivers with critical trip details including arrival times, estimated time of arrival, location specifics, and passenger information.

TypeScript Vue Nuxt 3 Tailwind CSS Vercel Supabase Prisma Zod Nuxt Icon Google Maps Distance Matrix API DaisyUI Vitest Pinia Mapbox GL OpenAI API Superjson

Professional Experience

Web Developer

Vancouver Island University - Nanaimo, BC

April 2022 - September 2022

Undertook the design and development of the VIU Career Outlook web tool, a dynamic full-stack application created to empower prospective students with valuable insights into their future education and career outcomes. Leveraging a blend of innovative web frameworks and real-time data integration, I designed and built this web application to help facilitate future students make better, more well-informed decisions about their education. This hybrid position was mostly remote work.

  • Led the development of the VIU Career Outlook web tool, utilizing SvelteKit for a dynamic and intuitive user interface, integrated with real-time data from the Government of Canada's Labour Market Information API to offer users a three-year outlook on potential career paths.
  • Demonstrated adaptability by creating a proof of concept with Nuxt.js and designing a dedicated backend using Node.js/Express for efficient web scraping of Stats Canada NOC data, highlighting proficiency in both frontend and backend technologies.
  • Contributed significantly to the education sector by enabling prospective students to make informed decisions about their academic choices and future careers, showcasing a commitment to leveraging technology for positive educational outcomes.


MossAway Services Inc. - Victoria, BC

December 2017 - May 2023

Founded and grew the business from the ground up. Emphasized continuous optimization from day one, focusing on crafting a frictionless customer journey that became a hallmark of the company. Implemented extensive automation into the workflow, allowing for high-level communication with customers while freeing up time to concentrate on daily tasks, directly translating to 5-star testimonials, repeat business, and referrals.

  • Awarded the Torch Award for Trust & Integrity in 2019, a testimony to the unwavering commitment and customer recognition, presented by the Better Business Bureau.
  • Mastered web development independently, prior to formal education, leading to the creation of a website that delivered entirely organic leads and optimized end-to-end client experiences.
  • Devised an innovative mobile app quoting tool for partner companies, enhancing accuracy and efficiency, which significantly boosted the closing rate by an impressive 30%.


Contact information available at request

David Croft, M.Eng., P.Eng. Instructor, Department Chair

Information Technology & Applied Systems, Vancouver Island University

Michael Carpenter Web Manager

Information Technology, Vancouver Island University

Lené (Nile) Olenick Student,Tutoring Mentee

Vancouver Island University

See reference letter below

Letter of Reference

Lené Olenick
March 25, 2022

To whom this may concern.

I am writing with enthusiasm to recommend Ryan Paranich for a position in your establishment. As a classmate of Ryan's, I had the pleasure and opportunity to work alongside him in the web and mobile development program at the Vancouver Island University.

Ryan is a motivated and fiery individual who cares deeply about his work and education. Throughout the classes I participated in with Ryan, he has demonstrated his passion, curiosity, intelligence, zealousness, approachability, and kindliness time and time again.

During the program, Ryan recognized a need in the other students. He happily stepped into a role that should have been filled by the teacher and offered both group, and one-on-one tutoring sessions.

As someone who took on the offer for his one-on-one tutoring sessions, I can easily say it was the best decision I have made during the duration of the program. Ryan took on my concerns and adapted his teaching technique to help me in a way where I could easily digest the mass amount of information that is JavaScript. Never did he make me feel like I was a burden for needing help or asking questions. He was patient and enthusiastic about the topic, and because of this, my dead enthusiasm was brought back, and I now feel more confident in my abilities to take on the upcoming challenges.

Ryan is a strong “hands and head-on” individual whom I think would be an incredible addition to any company he becomes a part of; as he can offer the rare independent and entrepreneurial mindset that is not often paired with interpersonal-consideration.

If you would like to speak further on Ryan's character or have further questions, please feel free to contact me by phone or email.

All the best,
Lené Olenick