CarEvo Auto Solutions

Lot Logistics Web Application

For CarEvo Auto Solutions, I introduced a tailored web application to modernize their vehicle management processes, replacing manual spreadsheet tracking with a more scalable and efficient digital approach. This web tool enables streamlined tracking of vehicles from inventory to customer delivery, boasting features such as a QR-coded key tag system for swift vehicle lookup to enhance operational speed and accuracy.

Functionally, the application serves as a comprehensive platform for managing service appointments, lot moves, task prioritization, and vendor interactions, leveraging intuitive visualization to streamline workflow management and prioritize urgent tasks effectively. Outside of the regular user dashboard, a portal was designed to grant vendors the ability to engage with the digital workflow of vehicles on their journey through service appointments, enabling real-time service updates, improving communication, and reducing errors in task coordination.

The adoption of this web application has resulted in tangible benefits for CarEvo, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing costly errors. By automating critical processes and centralizing data, the web app empowers CarEvo to efficiently manage inventory, tasks, and various vendor interactions. This leads to smoother communication, improved workflow efficiency, and ultimately better overall service delivery.

The development of this web application involved a combination of technical skills and business analysis expertise. Leveraging technologies such as Nuxt, Vue, Tailwind, and TypeScript, the application delivers a modern, user-friendly, fully-responsive user experience. This project showcases proficiency in frontend and backend development, database management, and user interface design, highlighting the developer's ability to deliver scalable, practical solutions for complex business challenges on a fixed timeline.